Norfolk Arch of Steel

Introductory Note from Robin Habbitts, PGSR, Norfolk

In 2014, I asked Wy. Bro. Richard Hawes to put together a team with a view to forming an Arch of Steel for the Province. This was achieved with Wy. Bro. Richard George as Commander and Wy. Bro. Warren Favish as Deputy Commander, a team of ten members and an administrative member in good time to be appointed and invested at the annual meeting in Great Yarmouth in July of 2014. They also carried our the duties of the Arch at that meeting and impressed those present with their ability.

Norfolk Arch of Steel members
Norfolk Arch of Steel members

The members of the Arch of Steel have attended every Installation meeting and formed an Arch for the PGSR’s entry and for the incoming Supreme Ruler of each Conclave throughout the year, and they have appeared on many occasions when I have been present to form an Arch for the Office I have the honour to hold.

AoS - Arch 001
Arch of Steel at an Installation

I have never seen less than 8 members present, and they have assisted the Conclaves by taking on Ritual work, giving a first class delivery in every case. Their presentation, deportment, and sword drill are all excellent and they have contributed positively to the atmosphere wherever they have visited.

All in all, they are a fine team of whom I am very proud and my thanks go to Wy Bro. Richard Hawes for his initial contribution and to the Commander and Deputy for their constant input in creating and maintaining the standards which are currently being displayed, and of course to the members of the Arch of Steel for their dedication and enthusiasm. Not least, I would also express thanks to Bro. Brian Nestor, who took on the administrative role and has since become a full member of the team in addition to his admin duties.

Membership of this group is now regarded as a great privilege and membership is maintained by selection recommendation from the Arch of Steel membership, to me; though I understand that membership is closed at present.

And there is work outside Norfolk – Most recent

AoS - Ready 001
Arch of Steel working