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whilst Installation meetings may be mentioned on this page, the regular meetings of Conclaves and Consistories will be found in their individual Pages where the page will replicate a Year Book page.

Events in 2019 and 2020


Events  in JULY

22nd JULY is the annual meeting of the Order of the Secret Monitor in Taverham, Norwich

The Annual Meeting of the OSM Provincial Grand Conclave in the new venue of The Wensum Valley Hotel, Golf and Country Club on 22nd July 2019 and 27th July 2020.  It is very well supported by Norfolk members and Visitors from other Provinces and Heads of other Orders in East Anglia

We enjoyed the new location and the extra space, air-conditioned dining and the possibility of a game of Golf. It is easily found in Taverham and can be approached from taverham or from the end of the southern Bypass. The address and Post Code are: The Wensum Valley Hotel, Golf and Country Club, Beech Ave, Taverham, Norwich NR8 6HP.

In 2019, we installed V. Wy Bro. Ray Clarke, as the Deputy Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler for Norfolk. We said a second farewell and thank you to R Wy Bro. John Warne for stepping back into his old position to fill the gap until the 2019 Annual meeting. The Deputy Grand Supreme Ruler also attended. 

This was a great day,  and support your fellow members who are receiving honours.

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Awareness Evenings:  These occur at various time and details are its ed for each occasion. However, where possible they tie in with the meetings of the Norfolk Supreme Rulers Conclave.

These have been very successful and have assisted the Conclaves in the Province considerably in their recruiting campaigns.

They are very happy evenings and the presentation is normally given to follow  the meeting of the Supreme Rulers Conclave. We have a light meal together of something like – sausage and mash and then apple pie and custard and coffee.

The format covers The Order of the Secret Monitor and introduces the Scarlet Cord. 

There is likely to be a new member or members from the evening and that has to be good for the Order and for the Province. 

Events in AUGUST

1st Sunday in AUGUST – The PGSR’s Garden Party will be held on 4th August (first Sunday) and will be at the home of the PGSR in Bracondale, Norwich. Invitations will be sent to the Officers appointed in July, and those who are continuing in office from the previous year, and their wives/partners.

This is an opportunity to meet and get to know one another. It makes the process of attending the Provincial Team Visits in the Province a little easier to manage in that it may well be possible to lift share and working together is made a little simpler too.


The fist issue of the OSM and Scarlet Cord Year Book 2014-2015

The hard copy Year Book has proved very difficult and expensive to maintain and is therefore being closed with immediate effect. However, this  information will now be on this Website and the information may in fact be more up to date as we can make changes here as they happen (or as soon as the Webmaster is able to find the time to make the changes).


Events in the Year


Autumn (Sept – Nov.) – the PGSR’s Conferences. The third Saturday in October is the regular date for this event and this year will maintain the fixture.

The content of this item will vary according to who is invited but will concern the Senior Officers of a Conclave; it provides an opportunity to feedback any problems you might be experiencing in those offices and also express ideas which may be helpful in improving the enjoyment of the Order in general in the Province.

This is an important conference in the series and may add to an earlier September meeting. If you are one of these important Officers in your Conclave, please make a note of the date and attend the Working lunch to represent your Conclave, feed in your thoughts and share ideas with your counterparts in other Conclaves.


Events in NOVEMBER 2019

14th November is the date for the Annual Meeting of the Grand Conclave of the Secret Monitor in London

If someone in your Conclave is receiving a Grand honour whether it is an appointment or a promotion, and if you are able to go and give him support, it is thoroughly recommended as a very enjoyable occasion.

These are now held in Freemasons’ Hall, Great Queen Street and if you haven’t seen it, then that alone would make the visit worthwhile.


November is the Annual Meeting of the Scarlet Cord in East Anglia. This meeting will be held at Ashlar House, Bury St Edmunds. More information will be added when available..

Booking will be available nearer the time.

Events in MAY 2020 – Date will be added nearer the time

The Grand Senatus of the Scarlet Cord which will be held in Mark Masons’ Hall, 86 St James Street, London at 12.30.  This will be followed by lunch at approximately 2.15. and will finish around 3.45.

The registration and dining forms can be found at



Beech Ave, Taverham, Norwich NR8 6HP