S. C. – Recorder’s Report-2014



Rt. Distinguished Provincial Grand Summus,

I believe all the Consistory meetings have enjoyed the presence of varying numbers of the Provincial Executive and the fact that the address to the President on Installation nights has been give on all occasions by a member of the Executive, have been well received by the Consistory members. Also worth noting is the fact that the Province bought cloths containing the Tracing Board information, which will be used as pedestal cloths, one presented to each Consistory. One cloth will be loaned to the Province for Annual Senatus.

Work in the Consistories has been maintained at a high standard and as 4 new members have received the First Grade it is pleasing to report that the candidates benefited from this and enjoyed their entry into the Order.

Sadly, we again experienced losses to the Grand Senatus above during the year. We have lost Dist. Companion David Berry, who had been a strong influence for good in the Ronald Thompson Consistory and Ron Sankey who had moved into the Province and was probably better known in the West of the County. Unfortunately, both these losses hit the one Consistory.

Overall, the membership loss shown last year in the Kenneth Rager Consistory, because of movements rather than actual losses, is now righting itself as the balancing is probably complete and new members are entering the Order. Whereas we saw a downward trend last year, the numbers are now almost back to the previous years level. The Peter Racey Consistory has shown a healthy movement in numbers to a figure, which will provide a solid base for future work as well as growth. Also 6 candidates have been prepared for the Presidents Chair at a ceremony preceding a regular meeting of the Ken Rager Consistory.

Norfolk Membership:


Consistory Start Conf. Joined Hon Died Resig Excl End
Ken Rager 34 0 0 0 0 1 0 33
Peter Racey 13 1 5 0 0 1 0 18
Ronald Thompson 22 2 0 0 2 0 0 22
Totals 69 3 5 0 2 2 0 73

As always, I am most grateful for the support and enthusiasm of Presidents, Officers and particularly the Recorders and DC’s of all the Consistories. All have extended a warm welcome to visitors, worked towards the introduction of new members and provided a thoroughly enjoyable meeting on every occasion. Once again, I must also offer my congratulations to the DC’s on their continuing work in maintaining and improving still further, the standard of the ritual and ceremonial work.

  1. Dist. Provincial Grand Summus that concludes my report for the year 2013 /2014 in the Province of Norfolk.

Robin Habbitts, PGReg,
Provincial Grand Recorder